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Hosting and MaintenanceWebsite maintenance is often an afterthought for many, but it shouldn’t be. Your website is the most cost-effective method available to communicate with your market. Nothing more powerful costs less. Therefore, it’s important to keep momentum up and make sure your website stays up to date. SouthFire Web Solutions offers robust managed hosting programs that cost you less than a daily cup of coffee.

But it is important to take advantage of this tool instead of neglecting it, not only for your clients and prospective clients but also for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. An updated and current website will gain a more favorable result positioning with search engines than an outdated website.

A well-maintained website will:

  • Provide your visitors with information about what makes your business superior to your competitors.
  • Encourage volunteers and donations to your non-profit organization
  • Offer value to your site visitors through interesting website content, seasonal specials, coupons, informative articles, tips, reviews, white papers, videos, podcasts and any other relevant information to your clients.
  • Build your credibility. Show your visitors your accomplishments, professional memberships and detailed information about your staff, your services and/or your products.

A stale, out-of-date website can hurt your business, drive away potential customers, and damage your credibility. The old cliche, "You only get one chance to make a first impression," has never been more meaningful. If your website gives a bad first impression, your chances of getting the results you desire are greatly diminished.

The affordable SouthFire maintenance plans are designed specifically to develop engaged and repeat visitors by keeping your website fresh and relevant, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Without expensive hourly charges, we will keep your website interactive and engaging with fresh creative content, interesting and keyword rich blog posts, audio/video/image management, current specials, seasonal enhancements and external links.

We free you up to do what you do best – running your business or organization. Instead of spending countless hours trying to be a webmaster, you can relax knowing your site is in the best hands possible. Your website is maintained by professional content writers and designers, ensuring that changes are made quickly and correctly.

We also handle layout modifications, navigation updates, adding new pages and text, updating photos and content and removing out-of-date pages and content – all at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Our services are provided to our clients with certain hosting and maintenance plans at no additional charge, but can be requested by other clients with a monthly contract.

How current is your website? Your website is out of date if you:

  • Don't remember the last time you added content.
  • Haven't updated it in the last 45-days.
  • Don't provide up-to-date information about your latest products/services.
  • Haven't received any compliments on it recently.

Let us check out your site. Call us at 706-667-8801 today and let our content management and development team ignite your business.


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