Search Engine OptimizationThere are about 650 million live websites in existence today, each one fighting to claim their place on Page 1 of the Google search rankings. To get there, websites need effective and aggressive Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies and websites that are user-friendly. SouthFire Web Solutions has the skills and experience to get your website to the top of the ranks and out-perform your competitors.

Change has come to the Internet at an amazingly rapid pace. When we started building websites, it seemed so simple and uncomplicated. We designed a site, wrote content, added images and put it on the web. In a few weeks, without a lot of effort, the site appeared at the top of the many search engines available at the time.

These days, if you want your website to be successful there are many key steps to take. It is vital to have effective keywords so that potential customers may easily find your site. After all, SEO drives 60 percent of all search traffic.

Keywords are the foundation of every modern SEO website. We begin with an in-depth Keyword Market Research Analysis. We research your industry as well as your top competitors, and we look at how your prospects search for you on the web. This research drives everything about your website: your domain name, page names and every bit of content on your site. Our sites are completely SEO to achieve the highest page rank possible from the start.

Along the same vein, it’s crucial to have consistently fresh, quality content on your site. Posting quality blogs or refreshing your content at a regular rate can benefit you greatly in terms of web traffic. User experience is also essential in getting to the top of the search rankings. An easy-to-navigate layout will not only get you bumped up in the search results, but visitors are more likely to stay and click through your page.

SouthFire Web Solutions has years of proven results and experience in getting our clients’ websites noticed. If you are ready to get noticed, call us today at 706-667-8001.


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