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In our experience, the toughest task for the webmaster of any local government agency is keeping the content of the official websites fresh. It's hard enough to get a website up and running, but keeping it current can quickly become a headache. SouthFire’s customized content management system (CMS) for government websites makes maintaining and updating your site a breeze.

CiCoSitePro eliminates that headache with a unique CMS designed from the ground up for ease of use. Any necessary updates can be made from a simple menu and even the toughest tasks are automated to make the webmaster's job easier.

CiCoSitePro pricing is population-based and structured to allow even the smallest community to have a professional website. It is also scalable to fill the needs of the largest county or municipality.
With our easy-to-use interface, backed by our unmatched level of support after launch, you don't need a big IT staff to manage your government website. With our password security system, updating tasks can be assigned to any staff member to ease the burden on your IT staff and webmaster. And when there is a question or an issue, we are always here to help.

CiCoSitePro gets citizens involved, driving more traffic to your website. Public participation is encouraged and made easy. Residents are allowed to submit information to post on your site. All you have to do is approve it and the information is posted.

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Here are a few of our government website features:

  • Post agendas and minutes directly to meetings calendar
  • Add a news flash or alert ticker to your site automatically triggered by Amber Alert
  • Sex offender database with mapping feature, developed with assistance from Georgia Sheriff's Association
  • Automatically post bids requests by starting and ending date, makes info available to bidders online
  • Easily upload budgets and budget-related documents in PDF form
  • Link to code sites, upload code documents or display on static pages using our page editor
  • Put all available forms and applications in a central location for easy download
  • Quickly and easily post community emergency or disaster information such as floods, tornadoes
  • Easily display meetings and community events, set up in advance, allows community requests
  • Post job openings with application instructions, starting/ending date based, saves jobs for reposting
  • Easy to manage links page, with form allowing others to request links and auto-notification to links added
  • Organize all information needed by new and potential residents into one section
  • Post news articles and pictures easily and automatically display headline/links on home page
  • Quickly post police emergency information to site, such as drawings or security camera pictures of suspects
  • Internal department pages allow managers to share information with employees on private log-in pages
  • Allow residents to request services such as pot hole repairs, street light replacement, police watches
  • List information about all staff members by department, search by department or name
  • Listing of businesses, restaurants, churches and organizations by denomination, public submission with approval feature


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