SouthfireSouthfire is a controlled burn that got out of control. What started as a short break between two stressful newspaper publishing jobs for founder and owner Jimmy Bennett turned into a career in the computer business, which led to the purchase of a web server, which led to the development of a website for a client, which led to the creation of Southfire.

Prodded relentlessly for years by good friend Bob Hockman to put his old newspapering skills to work -- and challenged by an important customer who had a bad experience with another local web development company -- Bennett agreed to develop a website for the Peach County, Georgia, commissioners. He and his company's resident technical genius Adrian Haager, with help from friend and business associate Brian Tesene, built their first major website in just over 30 days. The spark for Southfire was ignited.

A few months later a study group at the University of Georgia praised the county for the improvements to its site stating: "Peach County's newwebsite rocks!" Other government agencies noticed, and before long, more counties and cities came calling. The spark grew into a flame.

Operating as a division of ComputerOne, the new web business flourished and the roster of satisfied customers continued to grow ... without the benefit of a sales staff or a marketing budget. The web business grew rapidly and was soon spun off into a new company called Southfire. And the blaze continued to spread.

Building on a foundation laid by ComputerOne's successful 26-year run as Augusta's best known computer company, Southfire has assembled a team of dedicated designers, developers and programmers, search engine optimization and marketing specialists, copy writers and editors, a support staff and a sales and marketing team, all committed to delivering the most creative and compelling websites available anywhere at the best possible price.

And development is just the start. We completed our very first project on time and on budget and learned an early lesson: nothing is more important than prompt attention to customer service requests. We built our business on this premise, and we're setting the web ablaze!

Call us at 706-667-8001 today and let us show you how we can Ignite your business.

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